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Soopr - a bundle that works.

Soopr makes your blog and website audience friendly. It packs four powerful tools to help you grow engagement. All behind one simple to use interface.

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About Soopr

Soopr is a product specifically built for bloggers and website owners. It provides following tools as a bundle:

  1. Auto-generated Link Preview - make your shared links more noticeable, generate link preview images for social media
  2. Like and Share Buttons - customize and add buttons that let your readers easily share your webpages and blog posts; also get direct feedback in form of likes.
  3. Auto-generated Short Links - get short link for every webpage; also add a “Copy Link” button.
  4. Richer Web Analytics - web analytics on steroids, in addition to data about visitors, you also get data about people sharing or liking your content, and people visiting using short links.


Soopr provides a Javascript SDK, and using it as simple as including a javascript file. Here are more details on using Soopr SDK

  1. Javascript SDK
  2. Jekyll Plugin
  3. Wordpress Plugin - [WIP]